Whether you want to capture more market share from your competition, or keep your customers coming back more often, Better AD Network’s complete “GeoFi” solution gets you there.

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Engagement. We use the latest in today’s technology and combine that with good, old-fashioned common sense and love for our fellow businesses! Sounds simple, right?

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Grow and Know.

Capture 1st party data, repeat business, increased online reviews in places like Trip Advisor & Google, and engagement – long after your customers have left the building. It’s what we do.

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How Does this work?

First we connect you to your competitors’ customers through a unique and patented form of polygonal geo-fencing. Then, we follow those folks’ devices around more than 2 million verified events and activities per day. Because, “Where we go is who we are”.  After developing a list of personas attached to these devices (Home buyers, car buyers, wine lovers, health nuts, parents, college student (plus 94 more!)  We can then send pertinent offers, educational information and more helping to convert these folks into your business or to your online site.

Next, if you have a brick-and-mortar business, we take these “generic” granular personas and we marry them to your customers’ online and social information, while the customer opts in to your business’ WiFi. We now know that this device is attached to:  Mary Smith, she’s a 30-year-old millenial mom, who is a wine lover, a health nut and she’s actively looking for a luxry car. We also obtain her email, her cell (when avail) and her home city/state.

And finally we keep “Mary” coming back to your business through our holistic retargeting options using this data and several remarketing methods with proven success.

Better AD Network works well in any vertical where you want to know and grow your customers such as: Hospitality, Salon, Healthcare, Automotive, Cities & Towns, Sporting Events/Concerts and more!

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Better AD Network Customer Engagement through Analytics

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