4 Ways B-to-B Marketers Should Be Using Mobile Video

It’s one of the biggest opportunities in 2018

By Tomer Cohen

More than half of all digital video consumption occurred on smartphones last year, and, per NPD Group, streaming video takes up a whopping 83 percent of total mobile data consumed.

This sea change in user consumption patterns represents a huge opportunity for business-to-business brands to score points in the social media feeds of their customers and prospects. In December, eMarketer made waves by releasing its first b-to-b digital ads report, forecasting the space will grow to $4.6 billion in 2018, expanding 13 percent from last year’s $4.07 billion. And when comparing this year to 2013, B2B digital ad spend will have grown by 111 percent in just five years. However, despite the gigantic promise, you only see a scant number of B2B brands using mobile video in a consistent, sophisticated fashion even though the.

How much marketers should invest in b-to-b mobile video in 2018 depends on the nature of their business, but—as eMarketer suggests—they should highly consider allocating more dollars or risk losing share-of-voice to competitors. While that idea might sound scary to some b-to-b players who like to check familiar marketing boxes, there are great opportunities in mobile video thanks to the possibility of intimate engagement within the hand-held medium.

Here are four tips for b-to-b marketers looking to win in video.

1. Experiment with snackable clips

The low threshold for video production affords experimentation without blowing the budget. You don’t need a full production crew to capture footage—a single smartphone and a couple creatives or a small team equipped with a drone and a GoPro will do.

B-to-b brands should experiment with creating snackable, three-to-10 second clips, which are becoming the norm as audiences’ attention spans have shrunk in tandem with the rise of smartphones. Popular media channels are responding by prioritizing shorter segments. YouTube last year started promoting six-second spots, and Fox shook up the TV industry when it revealed it would broadcast six-second ads during 2017 NFL games.





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