We’ve compiled some of our most popular questions over the last few years. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us!

Is this legal?


To the millenials data collection and exchange of information is very normal. To the rest of us – not so much. Be assured though, all of our products and services fall under the strictest of industry regulations and safety protocols. We take the data of the public and our clients very seriously.

How are Better ad network’s services different?

For starters, we’re the only company in the world that currently takes generic device ID information and marries it with true social WiFi and granular personas for the best picture of your customers and your competitors’ customers.

Secondly, we built the world’s first and to our knowledge, only truly progrmamatic portal for mobile WiFi advertising and monetization.

Can I order one social WiFi license?

Yes. Visit www.BetterADNetwork.com and click “shop now”. We’ll drop ship one our our proprietary devices directly to your door (no PO Boxes please) and we’ll even do monthly recurring billing for your software license. For larger quantities please contact us.

How do I become a Partner Reseller?

First, we thank you for your interest and we’d love to chat with you. Partner requests can be completed Monday – Friday 9a – 4pm MST.   1-844-WiFi-ADS  or Direct:  623-806-1212 Or:  ROI@BetterADNetwork.com

I’m a Partner/Reseller. How do I login to my accounts?

For Advertising orders, campaign stats and geo fencing orders: Admin1.BetterADNetwork.com

For Social WiFi portals, license monitoring, AP monitoring and data collection: My.BOOSTWiFi.com

I’m a Partner/Reseller. How do I register a deal?