How To Prepare For The Mobile-First World Of 2018


The past few years have brought us mobile-friendly marketing, and the next few will herald the age of mobile-first marketing. In order to prepare for the transformation, businesses and their digital marketing gurus need to adopt smart strategies that will meet the needs of customers and search engines alike. The goal is not to cope with the new mobile environment, but to conquer it.

Already, most customer interaction takes place on smartphones and tablets. According to a study conducted by Google and the research firm Purchased, people are two times more likely to have a brand experience on a mobile device than they are to interact in person, through the TV or through a computer.

As the digital world braces for Google’s long-anticipated mobile-first index, which seems to be forever on the horizon but never within reach, it’s time to buckle down and craft a mobile-first design strategy before the world shifts beneath your feet. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Personalization Shift

Deliver more personalized experiences to gain new customers and hold onto loyal ones.

The days of one-size-fits-all content are over. Now, customers (particularly millennials) expect more personalized service, and mobile devices are the perfect platforms for making it happen.

According to The Boston Consulting Group, companies that have jumped on the personalization bandwagon early have watched their revenues climb two to three times faster than those organizations that stuck with a wholesale approach. And the benefits aren’t limited to short-term gains.

Brands that nail down personalization now will only increase their market share over the next few years. Those who putter in the slow lane will gradually lose out to their savvier competitors as customers get used to customized mobile experiences and demand more of them.




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