Mobile Coupons Are About to Overtake Paper—Here’s How Retailers Can Capitalize on That

Paper coupons have been popular since first used by Coca-Cola to attract consumers in 1887. Now, over 130 years later, new research indicates that a significant shift in the use of discount coupons is occurring. It is a trend that, once reached, will likely be irreversible. Research conducted by CodeBroker indicates that mobile coupons are about to replace paper coupons in consumer popularity.

CodeBroker’s 2018 Mobile Coupon Consumer Research Report shows that the battle between mobile coupons and traditional printed coupons is about to reach a tipping point. The survey of 1,204 Americans indicates that while 53% of consumers still prefer paper coupons, the percentage of those who prefer mobile coupons is now at 47% and that preference is growing.

While this shift has been long anticipated by some, the research contained plenty of other insightful information for those who are interested in reaching consumers through discounts.

One of the factors of interest is the sense of urgency consumers feel about a coupon delivered through SMS, email, apps, and social media. When participants were asked just how quickly they would likely redeem a coupon they received via text message, 25% said they would use it within three days. That number grew to 60% when they were asked if they would use it within a week. This could be exciting news for retailers who are seeking to create urgency and are looking for a vehicle to create short-term traffic surges.

The report also offers a potential solution for retailers looking to grow the number of subscribers to their marketing lists. The survey states that 68% of respondents indicated they would be more likely to join a brand’s marketing list if it included an instant coupon or discount when signing up.

The news gets even better for retailers when consumers request a digital coupon after seeing an out-of-store advertisement. Consumers who request such mobile coupons are likely to use them 78% of the time. Since 85% of respondents to the survey stated they try and find coupons prior to visiting a targeted retailer, this is a marketing strategy that can obviously work.






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