Phoenix Company Cooks Up WiFi and SmartPhones to Launch Smartest Mobile Advertising Technology

Nearly 2,000  restaurant experts in the valley next week are in for quite a treat. It will lead them closer than ever to their customers, their competitor’s customers, and greater profits. The Restaurant Leadership Conference in Phoenix is serving as the launch site for Geo4WiFi, the patented, game-changing mobile advertising technology from Arizona’s own, Better Ad Network.

Phoenix, AZ.  April 6, 2017  — Digest this recipe for success. WiFi, Customer Smartphones, and the World’s Smartest WiFi Advertising Platform. It’s a new, patent-pending technology offering greater profits today, and greater potential tomorrow. The key ingredients are wifi, smart devices, and customer data. What’s unique is how they are blended, strengthened, and utilized by new technologies such as a patented form of polygonal “geo-fencing” of nearly any location in the United States.

Geo4WiFi is the cutting-edge business advertising solution. It is a private mobile advertising network programmed to deliver the deepest levels yet of customer connection, engagement, and business growth, for sectors such as the restaurant industry. Oh yeah, AND it’s a fully automated process.

Some business owners think of Geo4WiFi as their secret sauce. But it’s not a secret any more. “We were in stealth mode for a while, protecting proprietary information for patent-pending technology,” says Stacy Deprey-Purper, CEO of Phoenix-based, Better Ad Network. “Now we’re ready to shout about Geo4WiFi from the mountain tops to share all it can do to grow businesses both immediately and long-term.”

Here’s how Geo4WiFi works. Most people take their smartphones everywhere they go. It’s a want and/or a need. First, many of us pass through one of thousands of invisible geo-fences each day. Then, once this device logs into your business’ wifi network through Better AD Network’s simple social wifi authentication (eliminating the need for business passwords in a secure login process),  Geo4WiFi then captures granular data,follows their devices to an estimated 2.5 million verified events and activities per day and sends engaging messages via email, text, in-browser experiences or in-app advertising, all while protecting the users’ valuable data and remaining PII (Personally Identifying Information) compliant.

Because “Where we go is who we are,” Geo4WiFi discovers customer personas and preferences which are proven by the person’s own destinations with their smartphone. It then analyzes and transforms this data, as well as the WiFi authentication data,  sending relevant special offers, educational information, and more to the person’s smartphone. The end-result is a “win-win” solution for the business owner and customer.

“With Geo4WiFi, we’ve built the world’s only programmatic advertising network using private wifi and a patented geo fence,” says Stacy DePrey-Purper. “Finally, business owners will truly know their customers, and people will receive messages pertaining to them, instead of spam. It can also remove the need for businesses to charge for wifi, which is an antiquated process. Customers demand free wifi and with our proven system, businesses can also choose to sell their left-over inventory where hundreds of millions of impressions are served each month throughout the country and soon Mexico, Brazil and Canada.”

An additional benefit, According to Ms. Deprey-Purper, is that the Better AD Network platform is used by thousands of businesses to fill their left-over wifi inventory, without using any staff time.

Given her 20-years of experience with the hospitality industry and being based in Phoenix, Ms. Deprey-Purper chose the 2017 Restaurant Leadership Conference being held April 9-13 at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa as the ideal public launch for Geo4Wif



Geo4WiFi is the patent-pending, mobile advertising technology from Better Ad Network. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company delivers the most targeted and immediate marketing and advertising solutions for businesses to connect with and engage customers using smart devices. For more information, visit or call (844) 943-4237


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