Why Real Estate Agents Should Focus On Mobile Marketing

As with every aspect of digital life, consumers’ transition from PC screen to smartphone or tablet continues at high speed. When people see a property they like, they will go to their phone first, rather than waiting to get home and look up the estate agent. The millennial and their successor generations live by their mobile phones, therefore opening the door for great mobile marketing opportunities.

The digital world is a mobile one
Key to the success of any real estate agent is appearing in the right places for their market. With younger families and professionals climbing the property ladder. Being visible to them via social media, online advertising and mobile app is a critical part of the marketing and sales process.

The industry regularly highlights the benefits of mobile, the benefits of virtual tours, sharing and the ability to develop trust are all highlighted as key reasons to go mobile. When people seek properties, they are more likely to visit an app recommended by friends or family, use a site they recognize in a TV ad, or run a quick search rather than plodding through the yellow pages to find an estate agent operating in their target area. Yet, remarkably few for-sale signs mention apps or social media.

All of this transitional activity by your customer means estate agents need to be focused on mobile-first marketing and promotion.

Websites need to look good on phones
At the minimum, ensuring your estate agent property website is designed in a responsive manner. That means it will look at its best on any size of device, be it phone, tablet or PC. Even better, get your website team or developer to produce an adaptive or fluid design that produces better-looking results.

Whatever choice you make, the mobile version needs to look good and function properly on a smaller screen. The focus on images over text and accessibility of features are key traits of a good site, when the user has a typical smartphone screen. While a mobile website makes your business more in tune with customers, having an app offers further advantages when it comes to moving and shaking in the real estate business.




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