Geo WiFi

Better AD Network is the first company to take geo-fenced devices and match this data with social WiFi profiles. This means a better understanding of your customers – and the ability to engage with them on a deeper level than ever before!

Programmatic WiFi & Geo Advertising

If you want to monetize your existing WiFi network, or advertise to customers on their mobile devices, our proprietary, one-of-a-kind platform helps you get there. And, you can steal market share with this handy service.

Social WiFi

Keep your WiFi network secure, while collecting fast, 1st party data on your customers. With a “one-click” WiFi login, your customers will love the easy process. You’ll love how it engages customers, without using staff time!


Geo Wifi



It’s more than money…

We understand that every business wants to be profitable. But what if you could be profitable, popular and engaging? You’d probably be the “Prom King” of your market! Today’s customers keep coming back for the experience. ¬†Help give them one they’ll want to share with their world!

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Using or combining a new technology into your business can be challenging. We’ll help guide all businesses – big or small.

From do-it-yourself packages to complete set up; we’ll work with you and your budget to ensure success.


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