How Small Businesses Can Increase Revenue With Mobile Advertising

By Benjamin Gran

Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing categories of marketing, driven by more people using smartphones and tablets to access the web. According to stats cited in an article in Yahoo! Small Business Advisor, 57% of Americans use their smartphones every day for searches and 58% of Americans with smartphones enjoy using mobile ads that offer coupons or special deals.

Marketers are catching on. A recent study by eMarketer found that global spending on mobile ads increased 105% during 2013, reaching $17.96 billion, and is expected to grow to $31.45 billion in 2014, representing nearly 25% of all digital ad spending.

Many people think of mobile ads as only being for big brands with big budgets. But companies of all sizes can capitalize on the opportunities of mobile ads. There are many ways for companies to get started, but it requires a thoughtful strategy to make sure you get the most out of your mobile ad spending.

Clarify Your Goals

Before you get started with mobile advertising, it’s important to take a big picture approach to how mobile ads fit into your overall marketing strategy. What types of consumers do you want to reach? How is your business’s value proposition able to translate into a mobile-specific format?

Frederick Stallings, Senior Director of Mobile Product Strategy at Collective, a multi-screen advertising technology company in New York, said he encourages small business owners to base their mobile strategy on what type of consumer behavior they want to promote.

“If you want a customer to order more food, then partner with a company like Seamless or GrubHub or Belly that drives loyalty through purchase incentives,” says Stallings. “If you want your consumer to expand their use of your product set, then message them through e-mail, social, or text opportunities that highlight the value you can bring them.

“Mobile is about empowering the consumer to be faster, smarter, and wiser through your information.”




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