Why Clinics And Hospitals Need Mobile Advertising

Help for the Helpers: How Hospital Mobile Apps Benefit Staff and Volunteers

Front-desk staff and volunteers bear a huge burden in most hospitals. They’re the “face” of the hospital to the public, and often its heart as well. They field questions and complaints, provide directions and soothe stressed spirits.

Then there’s the beleaguered nursing and support staff, struggling to balance patient needs with physician requests. And of course, administration—the quiet heroes and heroines behind the scenes, keeping everything up and running.

There’s no discounting the importance of the patient experience to a hospital’s success. Luckily, one of the smartest ways to improve the patient experience also has a huge upside for staff and volunteers. Hospital mobile apps offer a number of advantages for the entire facility. Let’s take a closer look.

Reduced strain on information desk and volunteers

With a branded hospital app, patients can have a wealth of important information, right in their pockets. App users can tap and swipe through physician and department directories, then tap to call directly. They can use built-in wayfinding to find their destinations easily. When patients and visitors are empowered to take care of their own needs, they require a lot less direct assistance—and they’re likely to be a lot less stressed.

Streamlined patient and visitor flow

With blue dot indoor navigation and turn-by-turn guidance, app users can confidently make their way through the halls to their destinations. This helps minimize congestion—particularly around decision-making points such as lobbies, elevators and junctions between multiple buildings or wings. Less congestion means staff members can be more efficient as they transport patients and needed equipment. (Plus, improved wayfinding means a corresponding reduction in the amount of directional questions staff must stop and answer in the midst of their other duties.   #socialwifi_tips for #hospitals


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